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How does s he penetrate the complex web of differing meanings associated with a single item of vocabulary? How does s he organize around this single item synonyms, antonyms, metaphoric allusions, register levels and cultural references which come naturally in the native tongue? Numerous volumes have been devoted to the topic, just as a welter of books have appeared which claim to increase our word power in a second language.

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Its primary objective therefore is to help upper-intermediate and advanced students to increase their dictionary as they learn in a pleasant applied way how to use the new words correctly. The book consists of twenty units, divided into two parts. The second amount contains eight supplementary tales, which the students are supposed to develop by themselves by home, submitting their work later to their teacher to be commented on and corrected. In every unit there are some questions to make the students talk, and allocate them the opportunity to test their analysis comprehension skill. The translation given is all the time meant to fit the context as attentively as possible.

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